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Life in the Basement (March 28, 2012)

Welcome to the latest iteration of the DROD Website!

Looks like it's been over 4 years since anyone's made any major updates, so I thought I'd get the ball rolling again. Allow me to catch you up with what's happened in the meantime.

We've seen the release of DROD:RPG - Tendry's Tale, which ingeniously fuses DROD elements and puzzles with RPG elements.

We've had a couple more Smitemaster's Selections released (these are official released DROD levelsets, or holds) which continue the adventures of Beethro Budkin, while providing high-quality puzzles and voice-acting. These were Smitemaster for Hire which actually includes two seperate holds ("Complex Complex" and "Suit Pursuit", and The Truthlock Method which contains the hold "Finding the First Truth"; a hold that forms a link between previous installments and DROD 5: The Second Sky.

We've held a number of People's Choice Awards (or "Deadlies") which honour the best holds, mods and voice-acting of that year. That's a good place to start if you want to catch up on the best of the user-made content being produced, which numbers over 400 holds.

We've also continued our tradition of holding more-or-less monthly forum contests, which range from Haiku writing to hold building, some of which are documented here.

I've also been making a number of changes to this website, among which is the addition of a pretty comprehensive account of the complexities of monster movement and a Beginner's Guide to DROD

If you're new to DROD, great! Welcome. Now's a great time to start getting involved with DROD. Along with the 3 official DROD games, DROD:RPG, the Smitemaster's Selections and the vast quantity of user-made content, we've just brought out out DROD 4: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder, which is a DROD prequel detailing Gunthro Budkin's role in the war between the two continents of Rasarus and Tueno. It's aimed at beginners, with a gradual difficulty curve and non-linear, hub-based structure, so is an ideal place to start getting to grips with DROD. Plus, if you get stuck anywhere, you can ask/search for help on the forum on the new and improved Hints and Solutions board.

We're also including a bonus hold alongside GatEB which is tailored for more experienced DRODders, and which showcases some of the new elements found in DROD 4.0. It's called Flood Warning.

I almost forgot! (sorry, skell) "The Other Big Project" is about to be released too. This is a Flash-based version of DROD, which will be playable in your browser. I've written some of the levels for it, and beta-tested it and can confirm it's packed with clever new features and is going to be great!

So, I hope you enjoy the updated site and the latest installments in the DROD series. Please get in touch if you think there's something missing that we should add, and come visit us on the forum.

- Jacob

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