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Life in the Basement (January 25, 2006)

Believe it or not, updates are happening, albeit a bit slower than they should. In case anyone was curious, I'm currently the only guy working on the website actively at the moment. As you might know, Wesley's keeping himself busy with schoolwork at the moment. In fact, I'm not even sure if he knows the site is active yet. How sad, really.

That leaves me, a one man show, left to do a heckuva lot of work. And that's a sad thing. I have about a dozen things that I have sitting around that need to actually make it up, but I just don't have the time at the moment. This forces me to create a very thin line - which articles I can let everyone view without much editing, and which ones should wait until everything is working A-OK. It's a very tough call, beleive it or not.

Going to updates now - if you want to add an article or allow permission to post previous work on your website, please post it here. When you post, only I will be able to see it, and I will then be able to talk to you about changes that need to be made before the article is posted or let you know it's ready to go!

As for actual updates that are coming - Rabscuttle has graciously gave us permission to post his Transparent AE Tar and his Serpent Clock for JtRH. vylycyn gave us permission to add Sanctum 2, A Roach in Oil, and all of his artwork from Beethro's Head. The last two are mostly done, but just need some minor editing before they get posted. Finally, Watcher is very close to finishing up an article entitled Invariants of Tar & Mud. Yes, you can find an article of the Invariants of Tar that he made originally, but this one looks to be not only more detailed, but up to date as well. Look forward to it!

And a second Secret Page is up. The first one was, well, not exactly easy to find. Rabscuttle found it via the URL, but that was the only way. The article I put a link for it in was actually not up on the site yet. So yeah, my bad. The new one has the same picture in it, but with a bit more witful commentary and some good advice. Good luck finding it!