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  • What is DROD?
    Is it a game or is it a way of life?
  • Biography of Erik Hermansen
    Writing about yourself in the third person is creepy. Erik Hermansen knows this for a fact.
  • History of DROD
    This is a timeline of DROD's past written by its creator. DROD had quite an interesting start--it's a bit hard to imagine Beethro with only 64 squares to move in...
  • Deadly Rooms of Death FAQ.
    Answers to at least some of your most concerning questions about the game, this site, and about our little secrets. Good secrets, I promise.
  • DROD Credits.
    Complaining about how long it takes to complete the game? Imagine what the people who made the game had to do! This is the complete list of contributors.
  • Hall of Legendary Smitemasters.
    These people have must have been born with DROD in their blood. Who else would be crazy enogh to complete King Dugan's Dungeon without undo?
  • My First DROD Speech
    Tales from Erik's Atlanta trip to the Gathering for Gardner 7 conference.
  • The World's Greatest Salesman
    An Inspiring History of Danforth Strout
  • JtRH Postmortem
    The DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold team talk (mostly) fully and frankly about their experiences making the game. You can't get this sort of stuff on 60 Minutes.
  • TCB Postmortem
    A look into the minds of many of our dev team members. You get the privilege of seeing what makes them tick. Aren't you lucky?
  • DRODistic Discussions
    What do you think DROD is? Come and share your views about it and the Eighth with fellow Smiters and Eighther philosophers.
  • DROD Developer Interviews
    Learn about the development of The Second Sky through these recorded interviews with members of the CaravelNet team!