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Life in the Basement (March 20, 2006)

Spring is just around the corner. Odds are, if you were to take a look outside your window right now, you'd find green grass, birds chirping, the sun beating lightly on your face, and snow melting, creating large puddles on your street. Yes, spring is a time of renewal, or new birth.

So why didn't we launch this site now? Well, life just kind of works out that way sometimes.

More importantly, Spring is a time of love. For some, it can be in a romantic kind of way, while for others it may be about friends or family that you appreciate. Nevertheless, Spring is the time where you try to give yourself new birth. And what better way to start Spring off than with a brand-new Smitemaster's Selection and a new DROD patch.

In case you missed it like I had, the Winter Smitemaster's Selection is out, featuring two brand-new holds, both of which focus on that lovable nephew of Beethro's, Halph. Both of these are very enjoyable holds, although they seem to be a bit too tough for me, but let's not get into that now.

In patch land, the friendly named "Shetland Pony" patch has been released. Well, it's actually called the 2.0.13 patch, but Matt Cramp proposed a new naming system for patches, and I agree with it. Nevertheless, be sure to pick it up here and read the changelog here. Note that the patch was updated since it had been released on Friday. When in doubt, reinstall would be my personal suggestion.

Now, let's get on to site matters. I'm sure everyone is expecting a huge, 20 minute long update seeing as this update is a month past the last one, but there isn't a lot. Well, there may have been, but it was probably closer to the last update than this one. For sure, there are two new articles on the Monster Reference section, a brand-new set of challenges, known as "Optimise This!", have made their way onto the site, and a couple of other minor changes have taken place, but nothing major yet. Much like last time, we still have articles that are in the works, but are unable to publish at the moment. With any luck, we can get the problems sorted out, and we'll be ready to roll.

Still, never you fret. I've got a good feeling that a big update will happen within the next week or two. I have a good sense that something good will happen soon.