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Life in the Basement (August 29, 2006)

I was channel surfing last weekend, and I came upon the Emmy award show. It brings up bad thoughts for me, mostly of the binge and purge of award show that tend to happen all around the same time and come on the same day as Desperate Housewives, but it brought up a memory of what could possible be the greatest award show we know of.

The Deadlies!

That's right, folks. Starting next month, we'll all be putting on our best dress shoes and top hats to celebrate and honour some of the greatest holds released in the past year. Has there been a lot? Well, right now we're sitting at about 62 holds since the last awards were handed out. Some of those have been memorable (I have my own personal favourites) and are thought greatly of, and some of them have only received lukewarm praise. In the Deadlies, popularity is replaced with an acknowledgment of an architect's achievements.

Since this is now the third annual event, I figured that it was about time that it received its own page on the website. If you go to this page, you will find the history of the award ceremonies, along with the complete list of past winners, and the brand new category that I look forward to introducing in this year's show. Assuming my plans aren't too grandeur, I think that what will come from it will be very memorable for the architect.

And finally, this technically was in the last update, but I had forgotten it when I went to post -- Ezlo has made a semi-regular column known as Holds of Interest. (A cookie to anyone who can guess where I came up with that title from.) His column looks at holds that use DROD in ways other than the traditional puzzles, and I look forward to seeing his next review.

So send that suit to the dry cleaners, because come mid-September, categories will be announced and nominations will be taken. See you then!

-Patrick Fisher