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Life in the Basement (January 19, 2006)

While the website still has a lot of holes to fill, I'm considering this to be the official ribbon-cutting for, the website formerly known as The main page has just finally changed from the "Hello" that made it look so, erm, glamourous to a nice little spiel I wrote.

And no one make fun of the pizza joke. I spent hours on that one.

In case you didn't know, I'm Patrick Fisher. Some call me "gamer_extreme_101", which is what I'm known on the forums. I'm only one person on what is now a much larger team than what worked on Matt S. is the guy who's responsible for anything remotely techincal on the site. He is definitely the last person I would ever want to make mad at me. Erik, whom everyone knows (or had better know, at the very least), is responsible for the nice little menu to my right and for all of the graphics. Gerry, aka "trick", makes sure that I replace all of my "it's" with "its" when needed. He actually proofread a lot of the articles, both new and old, which is a very handy thing considering that I tend to get a bit lazy with my grammar.

The other main guy on the site is Wesley Chua. He's a Content Editor, and will mostly be responsible for anything directly relating to the official Canon. I won't be shoving him into the corner, though. He's spent a lot of time proofreading articles as well and making corrections when needed, so I'd better not make him look like a slacker. No, I'd better save that title for myself.

The new format of the website will make updating and maintaining it much easier than it was with Remember how an update on seemed as exciting as opening presents on Christmas Day? With the new setup, updates will be happening practically every day. Better yet, any content that a person submits to the site can be added, in ideal circumstances, in less than twenty-four hours. If you were to make a post on the CaravelNet Forum with something that is site-worthy, it would take me a grand total of ten minutes to add it to the site. Pretty spiffy, eh?

Right now, our main focus is going to be getting all of the older articles published and arranged, but we are in desperate need for content right now. I made a post about it a while back, but now that the site is live, I feel that people might be more inclined to. The areas in which we are currently looking for content are the following: game graphics editing, actual game graphics from both JtRH and AE, contest summaries, fan art. These don't even have to be new - if it has been posted on the forum before but no one has asked to put it on the site, feel free to submit it.

That being said, we are accepting anything DROD-related. New content is always a good thing, and no matter what it is, we can find a place for it here. This is a website for fans by fans. Let's keep this site alive.

Now that all that is done, I invite you to take a look around. Enjoy it - you've been waiting for it for over five months now.

-Patrick Fisher