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Life in the Basement (April 13, 2006)

Thanks to a large number of letters I had to send, the Easter Bunny's making an early stop to this website this holiday weekend. Because I'll be out of town this weekend, I knew that all of the DROD lovers out there deserved some form of candy. While I tried to get him to deliver chocolate to everyone who's downloaded DROD in the past six months, he replied with a swift "Nice try, buddy". No dice for me this year.

And so, I guess you're all going to have to settle with a few new articles instead.

The bulk of this update is two brand new Reference articles! Since the last few updates were mostly on things that were already known, we have an article about all of the animal life you can find aboveground. This article has a detailed explination of four animals. The only thing I will mention is that writing about wasps when you have a deathly fear of them is no better than seeing one. All of the things I do for this website...

Our second article, while a bit shorter and not as detailed, is equally as interesting and informative. In my opinion, this is one of the most important things in life, as if there was no food in the world, I would go crazy. So take a read at the article, and figure out what you'd want on your menu if you'd ever visit the Eighth.

Our last two updates have been shown previously on the forum, but are well worth the checking out. We have Josh's Paper Beethro Model and Nils' DRODer! If you haven't seen either before, get them! You have no excuses, unless you are running Linux or Mac OS without a printer. In which case, find a friend's computer and get them there. Your friends will admire you for it.

In case you were all interested, this update was actually supposed to have been on April 5th, but things kinda got out of hand in my life. I got called in to do lights for our school's drama productions, both of which I had to learn the afternoon before. Then, after two long eight hour shifts on the weekend, I got called in on Monday and Tuesday for more eight hour shifts. The only upside to my busy week was that I managed to get an award for lighting. Yay!

Have a great holiday everyone!