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Life in the Basement (May 11, 2006)

It's crunch time for me right now. With less than a month of school remaining for me, I'm trying my best to focus on getting my grades up in a few classes (English being on of them, ironically, but there's a long story behind that). Because of that, updates will be a bit far and few until mid-June. But does that mean I've stopped working on the website? Of course not, which is why I have this article.

While it doesn't relate to the DROD Community website, I have made an updated version of the DROD Forum FAQ, which I'm almost tempted to call D"FAQ"OD, except it's much too long and meaningless. The new version is here. Of course, this is the first draft, so if you have any questions about the content, suggestions for additions, or revisions for it, post in the corresponding forum topic found here.

The other thing I'd like to make a note of is our subtle call for artists. If you think of yourself as a talented artist, either as a "Pixel-jockey" or as a "Pencil-jockey", show us some of your work in this topic. While our website may have nice writing content at the moment, it tends to lack in the graphic department. Even if you aren't as confident about your abilities but have an interesting drawing to show us, please post it. Worst case, we get to have a mini-showcase of your work.

And if you haven't had a chance to yet, take a few steps outside, and breathe in that fresh spring air. Just try not to get a mosquito up your nose - it's been done before.