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  • A Beginner's Guide to DROD - Part I
    What is DROD? An overview of the games and engines.
  • A Beginner's Guide to DROD - Part II
    Hold Recommendations - where to start and continue
  • A Beginner's Guide to DROD - Part III
    Where to go if you need help
  • Backswiping (By Robobob3000)
    While not the most obvious of techniques for newcomers, this is the best way to deal with roaches attacking from the side and behind!
  • Monster Behaviour Rules, Tarstuff and Element Interactions
    An introduction and some general principles
  • Conquering the High Score Tables (By "Steve")
    The high scoring system can seem daunting for new exterminators. Luckily, they now have something to start with.
  • Dungeon Debates
    Join the Debates! Come and see what Smitemasters like yourself think about dungeons, their levels and their puzzles.
  • Master List of Challenges (Managed by Stefan Michelsson)
    Finished every hold avaliable and looking for more? Well, the first statement may not exactly be possible, but be sure to check out this list of user-submitted challenges for existing rooms.
  • On the (Ab)Use of Tarstuff (By Martin Jacobsen).
    Learn about all of the ugly little details about these three sticky mineral based substances. I'm almost tempted to call it "Tarstuffs for Dummies" and sell it at my local bookstore.
  • The People's Choice Hold Awards.
    Only the most prestigious of holds are able to win the Deadlies. Check out all of the winners in this architectural shrine!
  • The Tactical Room
    Here Smitemasters sharpen their swords, flex their muscles, and discuss the various dungeon elements and hazards along with some expert hints on dealing with them.
  • Adders
    Just be thankful they aren't Multipliers.
  • The Aumtlich
    Out of all the monsters in the Eighth, only one stops Smitemasters in thier tracks.
  • The Brain.
    As the smarts of the whole operation, this monster can turn the most friendly monster into the most evil and quick fiend you'll ever meet.
  • Dungeon Roaches
    In almost every dungeon, you'll find these critters hanging around. Why, you probably have some in your basement right now.
  • Evil Eyes.
    While lifeless at first, they'll be watching your every move, waiting for you to enter their sight.
  • Fegundo
    Flying allies that rise, like a phoenix, from the ashes
  • The Awakened Mud.
    Newly discovered in Rooted Hold, this mineral-based goo is much like tar, except has opposite vulnerability.
  • The Forbidden Gel
    Shhhh! This deadly green tarstuff is a secret to everybody!
  • Serpents and Rattleserpents.
    As the only monsters invulnerable to your sword, you'll have to be clever and cunning to dodge and trap these pesky creatures.
  • The Living Tar.
    Much like blue raspberry Jell-O, except this stuff will give you a real toothache when you have to deal with it. And it isn't fat free.
  • Goblins.
    These sword-dodging animals are the smartest creatures you can find in the Beneath.
  • The Seep.
    Wall-living vapours that turn deadly if you keep your back to the wall.
  • Spiders.
    While very uncommon, they are the masters of disguise in dungeons.
  • Guards
    Guards! Seize him!
  • Stalwarts and Soldiers
    Turns out, there's someone out there on your side
  • Waterskippers and their Nests
    These animals have recently migrated to the Beneath. Learn about them here!
  • Roach Queens
    Cowardly, but very troublesome
  • Wraithwings.
    These flying creatures might not be aerodynamic, but they can be smarter than some of the other forms of life you'll find below the surface.
  • Wubbas.
    Cute, fluffy, friendly, unkillable, and ready to trap you.
  • Rock Golems.
    These rocky creatures will crush you like a bug if you aren't careful.
  • Rock Giants
    These titanic constuctions never die, they just split apart.
  • Constructs
    Self-healing automata
  • Fluff and Puffs
    Sentient noxious gas
  • Gentryii
    Big mouth things