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The Awakened Mud.

The Awakened Mud

Just like the Living Tar, the Awakened Mud is a sticky creation of the Rooted Empire. A couple of years ago, the 583rd Tar Technician, in sudden inspiration, created it. As soon as that happened, he became the 1st Mud Coordinator, and managed to sway several of his friends to become Mud Coordinators as well. This substance caused the tar monopoly to be broken, as architects now have a choice of substances. The mud team is also a younger and more dynamic group of people, and they have helped make the reddish substance much more popular than anyone could have expected.

Awakened Mud is very similar to tar in many ways, but opposite in the most important of them. Rather than being vulnerable at the sides, Mud can only be cut at its corners, and is protected on the edges of it. If you are on the outside of mud, this means that it is impossible to have a slab of mud that is uncuttable. If you are on the inside, you must be extremely cautious, as it can be very easy to end up in a box of mud with no way out.

A Mud Mother performs the exact task as a Tar Mother. Every thirty turns, the Mud Mother will cause all of the mud in a room to expand by one square. If mud is unable to continue a form of at least two squares wide and two squares long, Mud Babies will be formed. Mud Babies use the same logic as roaches do.

Stable mud itself, for the most part, is a breeze. As long as you are on the outside of it, there is practically no way to have an uncuttable piece of mud. In order to be able to escape from a mass of Mud, a delver must make sure that he has at least one side of free space or wall that he is able to escape to. As soon as a delver is encased in mud, it will be impossible to escape.

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