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Dungeon Debates

General Dungeon Discussions

How do you rate holds? Smitemasters across the Eighth have taken to ranking the holds they have cleared out out of 10, in terms of both how much fun they had doing it, and how hard it was. Here a bunch of them describe their rationale.

A Secret Architectural Design - Warning! Contains a slight spoiler.
A recent series of discoveries of sinister Architectural designs was made by several experienced Dungeon Exterminators in several different dungeons. The finds were reported to the Smitemaster’s Guild, but as yet, the purpose of such structures still remains a mystery, although the Dungeon Architects’ Association are rumoured to have something to do with it.

Which [User-made] Dungeons Would Theoretically Have Been Worth Re-clearing?
Smitemasters have been recently discussing which holds would have been worth clearing again in terms of the satisfaction and experience gained from doing it. Although at first glance ludicrous, such discussions are not taken seriously, for they are only intended for educational purposes.

Conventions and Stylistic Techniques of Dungeon Extermination
An interesting discussion by Smitemasters from all over Ephelna about the conventions and style of dungeon extermination was discovered recently. There appear to be many different opinions on exactly what the best way is to clear a dungeon, and it looks like the preference is based solely on personal preference and not regional location.

Discussions regarding Gunthro and the Epic Blunder (DROD 4)

Things I currently love about GatEB
GatEB popularity discussion

As per smitemaster tradition, people have been discussing what they enjoyed in the tale of Beethro's grandpappy's adventures.

Things I currently don't love about GatEB

But, there's always room for improvement when it comes to story-telling and dungeon building.

Who did which levels in GatEB?
Is an account of the architects involved in creating the dungeons found in this tale...listed in an odd, but intruiging, order.

Discussions regarding The City Beneath

Things I currently love about TCB
Here delvers comment on their enjoyable experiences when exploring The City Beneath....
Things I currently don't love about TCB
...and they also talk about things they didn't like so much.

Personalised feedback on TCB
Here the architects responsible for the rooms of TCB are listed, allowing delvers to provide feedback on what they liked and didn't like.

Discussions regarding DROD:RPG

Things I currently love about DROD:RPG
In this thread, various stalwart soldiers discuss what they like about DROD:RPG and the adventures of Tendry.

DROD:RPG - Basic Optimising
Here people discuss how best to optimise their scores in RPG holds.

Discussions regarding King Dugan’s Dungeon

About King Dugan's Dungeon How Hard is DROD? (Vote and Debate)
Opinions on the overall difficulty and appearance of King Dugan’s Dungeon were discussed in these two topics.

Favourite Levels of King Dugan’s Dungeon
A vote on the favourite levels of King Dugan's Dungeon was conducted recently, along with another parallel vote on the least liked monster.

DROD's Easiest and Hardest Levels
Opinions on which levels Smitemasters found the easiest and hardest to complete can be found here.

Annoying Level (Level 9)
A discussion about Level 9 can be found here.

The Debate on Level 13 - Warning! Contains a few spoilers.
Level 13 Opinions
Level 13 (The Most Unpleasant Level?)
Arguments and discussions about the notorious Level 13 (the maze) can be found in the above topics.

Least Favourite Rooms in KDD
What Are Some of Your Worst Rooms in KDD? (Vote and Debate)
Annoying 'Annoying' Rooms in KDD
Here, Smitemasters recollect their experiences in the rooms which they thought were their favourite or most hated.

Eight Gates of Bill - Warning! Contains spoilers for this room.
Eight Gates – Revisited - Warning! Contains spoilers for this room.
The famous room L3 1S in King Dugan’s Dungeon, also known as the ‘Eight Gates of Bill’, contained a strange and complicated mechanism, incorporated into the dungeon for an unknown reason (although it is believed by many to be some sort of security mechanism). The actual methods that can be used to solve the puzzle (of which there are quite a few) can be found discussed here.

The Final Few Rooms Were a Letdown - Warning! Contains spoilers.
An interesting debate with this title was published recently and discusses the failings and strengths of the 'Neather's final challenge at the bottom of King Dugan’s Dungeon, as originally described by Beethro when he returned.

A Deep Curiosity
A theoretical discussion on whether or not the ‘Neather could have been killed prematurely (from Beethro’s descriptions of Level 25) can be found in this thread.

How Did Beethro Get Back?
This question was raised in the Smitemasters' Guild shortly after Beethro returned from cleaning out King Dugan's Dungeon. Much speculation about it can be found in the transcript of the following debate, although no-one is certain about the answer, since Beethro himself refuses to comment on the matter and no maps of King Dugan’s Dungeon below Level 10 can be found anywhere.