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A Beginner's Guide to DROD - Part III

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If you need help... (in-game)

There are a number of useful features in-game. Pressing F1 will bring up the help documentation, which includes backstory, controls, explanations of how monsters and elements work and gameplay tips.

Right clicking on a tile will tell you the elements on that tile, the movement order of the monster on it and the length of a serpent.

Left clicking on an orb or pressure plate will show you the door(s) it is associated with and whether it opens (green), toggles (amber) or closes (red) it/them. Left-clicking on a tunnel will show you where it connects to, on a bomb will show you the explosion radius, and a stalwart will show you who or what he is targetting.

F6 will bring up the demo screen, where you can export your own solutions, import others' or download others' from CaravelNet.

To get hints for the current room: If you're playing DROD 4.0 (Gunthro and the Epic Blunder), click the "?" button in the top-right corner of the Game Screen, then click "Online Room Help" in the pop-up dialog.

If you need help... (in the real world)

The DROD community is generally very helpful and well-informed.
If you have a general question like "When's the next Smitemaster's Selection coming out?", "What's Beethro's middle name?" or "How do Serpents move?", then the General Board is probably the best place to go.

However, if you need to ask about a particular room in a particular hold, go to the Hints and Solutions Board (or the Flash DROD Hints and Solutions Board) and click on Get Help for a Room. You can then select the hold, level and room you're stuck on and you'll be taken to previous hints and solutions that have been given for that room (or if they're none, it'll open a new thread where you can ask for help).

There are also a number of Let's Plays on youtube showing people playing the official levels, as well as some usermade ones too. These include: Pearls, Alex Diener and Crazy Canuck

Finally, questions about Architecture (i.e. the creation of new holds) are best asked on the Architecture Board, where you can also beta-test holds in production, or take a look at the articles on Building on this site.

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