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I'd like to request two events to complement and perform slightly different functions to the current "Wait for event Monster Engaged".

* Wait for event Combat Occurs

- This would trigger whenever combat occurs in any fashion. Currently Wait for event Monster Engaged does not fire when combat occurs, for example, due to a hostile NPC moving into the player and fighting him that way. This event would take into account all combat in the room, whether player-engaged or not. Should NPC to NPC fighting be implemented, an option to take that into account would be good too.

* Wait for event Player Fights Me

- This would only trigger if the player has started combat with the NPC in question. Currently I don't think there's any functionality that duplicates precisely this behavior - the best I can do with commands like "wait for _EnemyHP = 500" and "wait for _EnemyREP = 444" is for an NPC to determine what class of monster the player is fighting, not whether or not the player is fighting him or not.


The next RPG update is slated to update variables like _MyHP after every combat round instead of just every turn, which would be useful if an NPC stored its original HP value in a variable and waited for _MyHP to become lower than the variable, but both of these events would be useful.

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Caravel Forum : DROD RPG Boards : RPG Feature Requests : Different combat events (Assist in scripting)
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