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DRODistic Discussions

The Nature of DROD

The Philosophy of DROD
Some interesting discussions about the philosophy and art of DROD's mechanics and story.

Why DROD? (Debate)
Why is DROD called DROD? Here, we attempt to find the answer.

DROD Pronunciation
Here, Eighthers are polled about how they pronounce the word "DROD", as well as discussing the merits of converting acronyms to words.

What Do You Think of DROD?
A poll on what people think of dungeon exterminating in DROD was carried out in Dugandy recently. Public opinion appears to be mostly very positive.

Are You a DRODder?

Those Who Play
What do you call a person who plays DROD? A discussion of the many different possibilities can be found in this thread.

Who Are You?
Smitemasters discuss and vote on which dungeon monsters they think they would (theoretically) most like to be.

You know you play too much DROD
An epic thread describing how a DROD habit can get out of hand.

Math Gurus Go! Or: How to Play DROD
DROD Tendency (Debate)
It is believed by some that certain types of people have an increased tendency to become Smitemasters, although many Smitemasters are not sure about this phenomenon themselves. The issue has been debated frequently, and some of the discussions can be found in the above topics.

Did You Lose Your Social Life to DROD?
An unusual poll on whether a career in dungeon extermination has caused Smitemasters to lose their social lives can be found here.

What If...?
Here, a group of veteran Smitemasters recall the nostalgia of their first Dungeon Extermination job and consider what might have happened if they had not decided to become exterminators.

Why DROD doesn't appeal to the masses
It's been voted the best puzzle game of all time, so why isn't DROD better known or more popular?

Other DRODistic Discussions

DROD - The Movie´┐Ż
An unusual piece of information about a possible movie for DROD, as well as a public poll about who would best play Beethro, was unearthed from a small town near Dugandy where the film may be shot some time in the future.

So, I raise tar for a living...
This unusual discussion explores what you would call a person involved in the hypothetical process of breeding and farming Living Tar.