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The Chambers of Enlightenment

Science of the Eighth

Little is known about the Eighth and its physics, but all the information we do have, mostly collected by intrepid explorers and slightly mad scientists, can be found below.

Story Collaboration (Scientific Discussion) (Debate)
In the second part of this long debate, much information and argument concerning the Eighth’s physical structure and shape can be found.

The Topology of the Eighth
Is the Eighth a torus, a sphere or what? And how does gravity work?

Dungeon Metaphysics and Monsters

It has long been known that life in a dungeon is very different to life on the surface; monsters, objects and even people in dungeons move and behave very differently; experienced smitemasters can do many things that would be seemingly impossible to most ordinary people. Why this is has been discussed by many, and some of these discussions can be found below.

Story Collaboration (Metaphysical Discussion) (Debate)
Quite a few discussions of physical problems in the Eighth and dungeon metaphysics can be found in the third part of the Story Collaboration text.

Bridges (Off-topic Discussion) (Debate)
A discussion about Serpent and Tar metaphysics can be found in the second half of a discussion on Bridges that wandered off topic.

Where Does All the Blood Go? (Debate)
A debate on the metaphysical problem of what happens to all the carcasses of slain monsters in dungeons was found in one of the Chambers of Discussion inside King Dugan’s castle.

Interesting Fact About Roaches (Debate)
Here, the abilities of roaches, which include the ability to survive decapitation and sense Beethro without actually seeing him, are discussed.

Eyes (Debate)
How do eyes eat? The answer to this ancient question is debated in this thread.

Trapdoors (Debate)
In this thread, the strange properties of dungeon trapdoors and their ability to discriminate between exterminators and monsters are explored.

Monsters Before [DROD] (Debate)
A small discussion was recently discovered on possible monsters and elements that were considered for DROD, but which didn't make it into the final game (it comes with a few demos of possible gameplay ideas that could have also been incorporated).

The Level 22 Question (Vote and Debate)
Here, the problem raised about the edibility of a mimic by Beethro's description of Level 22 of King Dugan's Dungeon is addressed. - Warning! Contains a slight spoiler.

Places of the Eighth

General information about the regions of the Eighth is very rare and highly difficult to obtain, and so, there is not very much information in the Archives on the Eighth's geography. The main (official) information that we have can be found in the Master Map of The Eighth.

The August 2004 Contest - Tourist (Contest, Vote and Debate)
A while ago, however, a contest was held for some intrepid explorers to research an unknown area and bring back some information about it. The successful survivors returned to submit their entries, which were recorded and published shortly after. You can find the main contest vote here.

Kingdoms of the Eighth (Debate)
A small discussion about the Kingdoms of the Eighth was found in Mellenfral just before the drawing and unveiling of the Master Map of the Eighth, in which some of the problems of the Eighth’s geography were discussed.

Has Anyone Else Noticed... (Debate)
In this debate, the actual size of King Dugan's Dungeon is discussed, estimated and calculated, with the overall consensus being that it is indeed very large. One participant also claimed to have calculated the exact occupancy of the dungeon, by hand, possibly by some magical means.

Area of the Beneath (Debate)
A paper was recently published by a very famous dungeon researcher who had pooled all known data about holds and dungeons to find their estimated total surface area. From this information, it is inferred that very few of all the Eighth’s dungeons have actually been discovered and explored, something the Smitemasters’ Guild is eagerly researching.

Lore of the Beneath

A DROD Puzzle IV (Puzzle and Debate)
A Very Complex DROD Puzzle (Debate) - Warning! The puzzle solution can be found in this thread, so don't look if you wish to have a go yourself.
A puzzle posed by King Dugan, concerned with "The Study of the Dungeon", is posed in an updated form in "A DROD Puzzle IV", then debated and we believe solved in its original thread, "A Very Complex DROD Puzzle".

DAA Announces Recall of Palace Style (Debate)
As soon as it was announced, news flashes and information on the sudden recall of the Palace style were reported and recorded all over Ephelna. Many sources are contributing information to the discussion, some of it conflicting, but nevertheless, it seems that many breakthroughs are being made on this topic. You can also find a summary of the findings and news on the site, here.

More DROD Coordinate (Indicatory) Numbers? (Debate)
A proposed system for extending the dungeon coordinate numbering system was recently uncovered from a secret archive of the Dungeon Architects’ Association. It is, however, unconfirmed whether such a system has been accepted, or even implemented, since the Dungeon Architects’ Association refuse to comment on it.

Ask Things About JtRH (Debate)
When Beethro announced his plans to return to King Dugan's Dungeon to solve the mystery of the unopenable door that he had found, rumours and debates that raged for weeks were started, sending shockwaves all over Dugandy and Ephelna. One of these debates, the official Smitemasters' Guild discussion on JtRH, can be found above.

Eighther Lore

Eyeball Pudding (Debate)
A recipe for Eyeball Pudding was discovered in a small village located on the northern border of the forest of Elpa. It is a very old recipe, although not prepared often, since Evil Eyes in that region are now scarce.

Sihmpuhl Englihsh for Dummies (Debate) - Warning! Contains many spoilers about the system, so don't look if you wish to work out the system yourself.
Some in–depth information about the generally accepted form of writing of most of Ephelna’s inhabitants (translated to English by our translators) can be found in this article.

Story Collaboration (Pronunciation and Dates Section) (Debate)
A smaller amount of information on Sihmpuhl Englihsh can be found here in the text entitled "Story Collaboration", along with some detail on the calendar and dates of the important events of Beethro's life.

Memorable Quotes of the Eighth (Debate)
A collection of old sayings handed down by Smitemasters over many years was recently compiled into this article, which is still a work in progress.

The Beethro Files

Beethro Budkin, one of the most famous dungeon exterminators on Ephelna, is well-known for his monster slaying skills and past achievements, emptying some of the most dangerous and complex dungeons discovered on the Eighth. Very little is known about his past and his personal life, however, although what we do have is listed below.

Beethro's Head (Vote and Debate)
An interesting debate was found recently that dealt with the problem of where the famous scar on Beethro's forehead came from. It appears that some query the accepted (official) reason that Beethro originally gave, and have discussed other things that could have possibly caused it.