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Team Skwearls presents to you, Constant Delver, the April 2015 Illumination.

The Eleventh Annual People's Choice Awards

Kieranmillar proudly wields the proverbial Olympic torch to hold the annual Deadlies. And by this year I mean 2014, obviously. Time is running out! The voting phase has already approached so we encourage you to vote for the numerous categories! For the curious, all information about this marvelous tradition can be found in the linked thread.

April Contest “Eighth Fairy Tale”

“No matter how old you are, I think everyone enjoys fairy tales.” This probably isn’t true, but hey, it sounds nice! Ever wanted to create a myth in the magical and magnificent world of the Eighth? Well now you can! The goal is to eventually turn a collection of fan-made stories into a plot-driven hold, fleshing out the nifty and arcane folklore of this land that many of our puzzly brains think of as home. This is your chance to make fake history!

Official Ideas Generator

I, Skell, am going to toot my own horn here and say a word or two about the “Official Ideas Generator” I built in February with a lot of help from the community. It’s filled to the brim with ideas and interactions and, if I were forced to estimate, has about 98% of all possible interactions between all DROD elements in it to serve as a source for the generator. It’s so easy and fun to use that Nuntar made a contest about it.

And to toot that horn even louder, I joined forces with gamer_extreme_101 and we made a two-hour long stream where each of us built 5 puzzles based on the input from the generator. It’s very fun, not only because gamer is there, but also because I don’t speak too much:

What’s more, two weeks later we had another session where we had a guest with us, Alex, the guy who did the art for TSS!

March Contest “The Random Number Generator God Hates Me” [Finished!]

Nuntar has kindly stepped forward to run March’s official contest The Random Number Generator God Hates Me where you could’ve made an attempt to build a puzzle based on the output from the Official Ideas Generator. You can’t anymore obviously, because we are ALREADY VOTING! Actually I lied. We stopped voting a week ago. But at least we’’ve got a couple of winners! Doom, Dragon Fogel and Dischorran. They all got their rewards, hooray!

Hold Releases

What holds have been released since the last Illumination? A few:

Elemental Showcase 5.0 by Nuntar and the Community is a compilation hold with the entries of the November/December 2014 contest under the same name. Incidentally, for those of you who need a hint or two, plucky forumite Pearls has nearly finished a Let’s Play of the whole thing!

Troshian Grounds by Rheb is a spiritual successor to Troshian Tower which explores the puzzle potential of the new TSS weapons and speed potions.

Six Times Six by Jutt is a 36-puzzle hold which people say can actually be completed by mere mortals (citation pending) and uses the new versions of the three unofficial room styles.

A Journey Through Time by bomber50 is a very neat hold I (skell) had a chance to complete when it was still under the careful eye of Hold Administrators. It features quite enjoyable lynchpin-based puzzles that can be approached by less hardcore DRODers.

war22 by khaim100 is what you expect from a war hold, the formula did not change since the olden days and the latest entry is overflowing with monsters and... peculiar scripting interactions?

The ‘Neatherhood by Kieran Millar is a new hold for DROD RPG and I’d love to say something about it but I can’t play RPG, so I’ll just say 10 out of 10 people who voted voted 9, on average. This makes it a hold worth playing!

Other news

- A majority of tasks for TSS 5.0.2 have been finished but the development has stalled a bit recently.
- DROD: RPG has been greenlit, which makes it possible for Caravel to do full scale boarding of Steam
- Pinnacle came up with a very neat idea for Smitemaster Chess. Now who’s going to stream it first?
- Passing of the Hold Revival, a collaborative community effort at making a hold where multiple architects commit single rooms into the project, has reached its testing phase, so go give them a hand!

Happy DRODing!
--Skell and Pearls

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