Official DROD Idea Generator V0.9.5

What is this?

  • The official DROD Ideas Generator serves to build a database of all in-game interactions between various game elements. The rough edges are still being polished, the database is still being populated and the features are still being added.

How to use this tool?

  • You are presented with a number of suggestions about your possible room. Take a look at them, calmly, and see what the dice told you. Sometimes the RNG spirits will be graceful, sometimes not. Don't be afraid, though, because if you can't make head or tail of what you see just hit the roll button and hope for the best.

What is interaction browser?

  • This tool allows you to browse interactions between a selected element and everything else. Just chose the element you wish to inspect from the list, press the button and you'll see a list of all the elements it interacts with. Click the name of the element to unroll the list of actual interactions. The entry (self) contains interactions where the selected Element is the only one appearing.

What are concepts?

  • Concepts are puzzle ideas which make use of multiple interactions or specific interpretations of them. They can take form of very simple schemes to more elaborate, specific puzzles. Like interactions you can use multiple concepts to form a single puzzle. You can think of them as practical implementation of one or more interactions.
  • Naming concepts - stick to short but descriptive names which give a good approximation of what the concept is about. When displayed in the generator it will be possible to view the description by hovering over the name of the concept so you have some leeway here.
  • Descriptions - make sure you get your point across clearly. DROD is a complicated game so don't expect each architect will immediately or correctly figure out what you mean if you don't spell it clearly. Use correct English grammar and punctuation.
  • Tags (options not yet available) - similarly to how they work in Interactions you can use up to four tags for your concept if you need them by using the codes %1%, %2%, %3%, %4% and their negations %!1%, %!2%, %!3%, %!4% , just remember that they are completely optional. When presented in Idea Generator the tags will be replaced by a random element which has this tag association set to true and, in case of negation, with element which has this tag association set to false.
  • Linking rooms (options not yet available) - if you know a room in a published hold which utilizes this concept you can link this room to the concept. Linked rooms are clickable to view how they look.

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