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Beethro's First Job (May 2005 Contest)

Everyone who has played DROD knows all about the tales of Beethro in his middle-aged life. As a Smitemaster's Guild member who has cleared many a dungeon, as the owner of the famous Roasted Roach Grill, and as the uncle to a seemingly endless number of nieces and nephews. What we don't know is how this glamourous life of his started out. Was he forced into the buisness, or did he make this choice on his own?

This is the question that Matt O'Leary asked the forum population in May of 2005. The challenge was to write a story about Beethro's first experience in a dungeon and how that made him take up the buisness. This was the first creative writing contest since August 2004, and a surprising amount of people participated in it. There was a grand total of ninteen entries, along with a couple of unofficial ones that followed it.

To check out the stories, follow the links below. Please note that all of the stories are printed in their unedited form, mainly because taking the time to edit 17 stories would be ridiculous.

  • The Legacy of Gunthro Budkin - goldenlion

  • The Beginning of A Smitemaster - agaricus5

  • First Roach - trick

  • Beethro Begins - zex20913

  • Not Because I Have to, but Because I Want Too - gamer_extreme_101

  • Why Beethro Became a Dungeon Exterminator - techant

  • Job Placement - Phweengee

  • Beethro's First Weapon?! - Banjooie

  • Timmy the Talking Roach. - Leus

  • Roachmeat - krammer

  • The Palimpsest - kzc

  • The Delver's Debut - MasterGiga

  • The Underground Hotel - vylycyn

  • Beethros first real dungeon. - MeckMeck GRE

  • The Story of Young Beethro - rowrow

  • How Beethro Got His Sword - Mouse

  • The Unexperienced Delver - Saqqara