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The Underground Hotel - vylycyn

Freflot Choldin is one of the richest men in all of Dugandy. For as long as there have been greckles in existence, the Choldin family has been hoarding them. Like most Choldins, Interest off of Freflot's lent money and property are the only way that he makes his money. Most of his income comes from his underground hotel. Although few people actually use it as a hotel, King Dugan rents out most of it to hold his prisoners, since his own dungeon gets swarmed with roaches on such a regular basis. When these swarms of roaches enter Freflot Choldin's hotel for the first time, Beethro Budkin gets his first delving job.
Beethro had taken out a loan from Freflot several months earlier. However, he had been having a much harder time paying it back than he had expected. He had used the money to help pay for the Roasted Roach Grill, and although he was still making some money, he was not making as much as he had expected. At first, Beethro got the roaches from Smitemasters who just wanted some extra money, so they sold the roaches at very low prices. When these Smitemasters found out the price at which Beethro sold roach meat, they wanted a bigger chunk of his profits.
Beethro had only three days left to pay back Freflot, but he knew he would not have enough money by the time that time came. He went to visit Freflot and beg him not to take the Grill away. Although Freflot does not make these types of deals under normal circumstances, if it can be profitable for him to do so, he will jump at the opportunity. He promised Beethro that if his hotel was clear by the end of the third day, he would let one payment slide. The only reason he made this deal was because one of those payments was negligible compared to the cost of hiring a professional delver. Beethro quickly accepted, despite his complete lack of experience in delving. In fact, he did not even have a sword. Since he had no money to buy a sword, he had to find something to kill roaches with before he could start clearing the hotel.
Eventually, Beethro decided on using one of his giant skewers that he used in the Grill as his sword. He packed up everything he would need and ventured into the hotel. He tried to remember back to when his father had taught him about the techniques that Smitemasters use to fight off monsters. He remembered some things such as backswiping, but had a tougher time recalling the more complicated techniques. As he began to encounter progressively larger and more complicated swarms of roaches, these other techniques quickly came back to him. He managed to make it down the first few floors almost without difficulty.
When Beethro reached the fifth floor down, he met his first serpent. This was not a small serpent by any means, and was actually the largest he would see until clearing out King Dugan's dungeon. He eventually managed to kill it, but not without it leaving a giant scar across his forehead. After clearing that floor, he moved down to what was the lowest floor. It was filled with goblins, more than he had ever seen before. Not only that, but these were not the mildly annoying, wooden decoration carving goblins that he had met before. These were vicious, backstabbing goblins that could not be bought off for a couple greckles. After killing enough of them, he learned that they had been renting out the lowest floors, but instead of paying Freflot Choldin, they seeded his hotel with roach eggs. Although they had gotten away with not paying Freflot, Beethro did not let them get away with their lives.
The last goblin killed had actually tried to fight valiantly, unlike his kin, and used a sword to fight against Beethro. This goblin was valiant, but like the other goblins, he was stupid. A sword swing instead of a backswipe was enough of a mistake for Beethro to go in for the kill. Beethro, not having a sword, took the really big sword that he now uses out of the dead goblin's hands. The goblin had obviously stolen it, but since nobody had mentioned a stolen sword recently, he decided to keep it for himself. The amount of roach meat that he got from the hotel convinced him that becoming a Smitemaster really was worth the effort, even though he had once ruled it out as his occupation. His success on the Choldin hotel quickly brought other customers to him, and his reputation as a dungeon exterminator quickly grew. It grew until eventually he was hired to clear out the king's dungeon.