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Beethro's First Real Dungeon - MeckMeck GRE

"I’ll get that Mud mother !!" called Beethro as he put his sword inside the well known red-brown matter. He got closer and closer to the mud mother. Quickly he revealed her. The mud mother started to look frightened, Beethros sword reached her and she blasted in hundreds of handsome red-brown splatters. Beethro was pleased about that and just wanted to turn around and leave the room as he suddenly heard steps. It came from around a corner. He saw a growing shadow in the gloomy light coming around the corner… “Hi Unk Beethro !”. This was the first time Beethro was delighted to hear Halphs voice. Halph ! You shocked me ! I thought you were a goblin or something like that. “Oh sorry. Unk, I have a question” said Halph. “What question ?” asked Beethro. Halph smiled and replied : “What was the first dungeon you clean ? Why did you want to become a delver ?”. Beethro saw that this was another good opportunity to tell him about his great career. Of course he didn’t want to lie, but maybe he could add some stuff… He begins to tell Halph his story.

My first dungeon was a rabbit hole. It was long time ago. There was a big party in our village. Everybody was there. Young and old. Poor and rich. Delvers and Architects. Handsome and horrible looking….

“Smart ones and you”, interrupted Halph. Beethro laughs and continues…

However there was so much to eat and drink there. Goblin Juice, Beer, Eyeball Pudding and so on. I sat next to two delvers talking about their best kills and most difficult dungeons they cleaned. They did not only mention the common Roaches and Wraithwings. They told stories about a blue matter which is full of dead and very dangerous. Sometimes it even grows. Do you know what they mean Halph ?

“Yes Beethro, they mean tar.”

Yes you’re right ! Yes it was tar. Of course they also mentioned foes I never seen. Flying beer-barrels or blue brains which confuse you… the stories became more and odder the more beer they drunk. However the world of dungeons and monsters fascinated me. I imagined me being a heroic delver which will discover and defeat monsters that were unknown till then. I imagined becoming rich and famous. Clean dungeons of Kings like Dugan or Bravado. I was lost in my thoughts, as a horrible scream brought me back to reality.

“What happened ?” asked Halph.

I don’t know exactly. I think the magician who entertained us have dropped the big roach he pulled out of his hat. It crawled up the table and stole a golden glass of a rich guy and runner away the glass in its mouth.

“And none of the delvers helped ?” asked Halph.

No. They all drank too much beer. Only one was still able to erhm.. sit. He standed up walked toward the roach and fell to ground every 2 meters. Finally he gave up. The rich guy looked around. He asked for help. Nobody wanted. The architects were still talking about trapdoors with wraithwings on them, the kids like me were all very frightened and the delvers drunk. Meanwhile the roach disappeared in a bigger sized rabbit hole. Finally I got an idea : This could be my first job. My parents, who would never wanted me to be a delver, were not here and so I asked the rich guy if I shall help. He was also a little drunk so he didn’t care that I am a half child-half adult guy and so he said “Yes, but what’s your weapon ?” I walked to the delver still laying at the ground and asked him for his sword
“Is this the sword you still have?”, asked Halph

Yes it is. He said if I get that golden thing back ill get his sword. I was almost too weak to pick k it up. The guy laughed. However I got it after dropping my backpack. I carried me and my sword to that rabbit hole and walked inside. Suddenly I got nervous. The gloomy weak light was new to me. Also it smelled a little bad. Carefully I proceed. About three meters later I could hear the roach. Finally I saw her in the gloomy light and put my sword in front of her back. It turned.

“Have you killed it?”, asked Halph

No the roach spit the golden drinking glass out. I took it and said to her “I won’t hurt you. You are free !”. Then I returned and gave the golden glass back to the rich guy. The delver on the ground couldn’t believe it and seemed not to be delighted about the lost of his sword. All cheered to me and I was sure that sometime somehow I will be a good, popular and rich delver.

“And when do you think will this be ?” asked Halph

Beethro laughed.