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The Unexperienced Delver - Saqqara

Beethro felt his way around the dungeon carefully with his sword. His employer failed to mention the lack of light within the dungeon before asking Beethro to get started, but now that he had accepted the task, Beethro knew that he must finish it. Moving ahead cautiously in the unlit dungeon, Beethro felt his sword slide into something sticky.

Beethro grinned and twisted his sword a bit, making sure the creature was dead before wiping the remains on his pant leg. "Proof that I killed it", he muttered, and continued on. It wasn't long before his sword found more of the sticky icky, which soon found a new home wiped randomly onto his pants.

"Geesh, this place should really be cleaned more often, I've got more gunk on me than King Dugan after a 14 course meal!" Beethro chuckled at his own joke at Dugan's expense and continued onward.

Finally, after several minutes of frantic sword swinging and pant wiping, Beethro poked his sword around to find nothing left to vanquish. The remains were all on his pants and the job was complete. Beethro grinned and put his sword away.

"Mom, mom! My nose is clean, just like you said! Look at my pants, see! This time I used my finger instead of a stick!"