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The Story of Young Beethro - rowrow

Once upon a time, on a cold night, Beethro and some of his nephews were hanging around, bored, looking for something to do. Halph spoke up. "Hey Unka Beethro, can you please tell us a story? We are so bored".

"Hmm", said Beethro. "Let me think of one. How about King Dugans Dungeon? Did I ever tell you about it"?

"Yes, Unka Beethro. You told it to us at least a hundred times. How about telling something new this time?"

"Tell something new, eh? Well this story I will tell you isn't exactly new, but it is interesting."

"Is it boring?"

"No." He said. "I just told you it was interesting. I call it, "Beethro's adventure":

Beethro ran into the hall of Striol Matodif. He was a rich man who got angry very easily especially if someone was late. This was Beethro's first job and he didn't want to mess it up.
Beethro found this job in an ad. He was looking for some way to get cash and he was looking for ads about dungeon exterminating. He needed to start being an exterminator sometime. So one day he found the ad that Striol Matodif needed an exterminator to do a simple job. They made arrangements for the day and Beethro was here: Half an hour late!

As soon as Striol Matodif saw him, he screamed at him, "Get down there and do your job, and you will be lucky if I pay you even 1 greckel." Beethro ran down the stairs.

He went down the stairs and he saw many monsters. He was killing them and going down the floors. A few times he thought he had it, but he always found a way to get out of it. Well he was new!

Many floors later he came across a goblin and the goblin said to him: "You must go back up, or we will kill you." Beethro laughed at them. He was always able to kill a goblin. That is, if they counted as monsters and tried to kill him. He ignored what they said and killed them.

When he got back up, Beethro told Striol Matodif that he owed him lots of money. "It was a hard job. But if anyone can handle it, Beethro Budkin can." Striol Matodif sent down some guys to check for bugs and they found none. He paid him and Beethro left.

As Beethro was walking out, he thought to himself about being a delver. "It is a job that you become smelly and dirty from it. And some people make fun of you. But you get lots of money for it. And when you do your job, there are many less roaches in the world."

Beethro looked at his nephews. "So guys how did you like it?" "It was too dry. You should learn how to tell stories better." "Hey watch it little guy if you know what's good for you." "Ok Unka Beethro. We loved it so much. See you later. Good night.
"Good night guys. And remember the usual warning: Don't go down into dungeons or basements or any place below ground that has bugs. Good night."