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So, what are holds, you ask, with a slightly pointed expression? Good question!

A hold is a set of levels, like King Dugan's Dungeon, that represent a complete DROD dungeon. A couple are made by the designers of DROD, but most are made by DROD players, and a fair few are even better than King Dugan's! (Naturally, we kidnapped the designers.) You can make your own hold to play yourself, with time and effort, but then you'd know all the solutions, which does get in the way of the fun a bit.

The holds you see below have been uploaded to CaravelNet by members for other fans to play - if you'd like to try one out, just click on the hold's name to download it, and then select the "Change Location" menu option in DROD, then "Import".

The difficulty of a hold, judged by the players, is represented by how many brains it has. The (probably more important) overall 'fun' rating is represented by the yellow bar. More details can be found by following the "Discuss" link, which opens in a new window. You can sort the table by clicking on the columns (clicking on the same one again will sort it by descending order). Clicking on it several times might be fun if you're bored.

If you're building a hold of your own, stop by the Architect forum where there are lots of helpful people that want to help you get the kinks out of your hold and make sure it's ready for prime-time.

If you haven't registered, you might want to. Because, you know, we like new people, and we kinda need people to have registered to post... yeah. (The worst that will happen is that you'll occasionally get CaravelNet news, but you can opt out of that in your profile.)
Hold Name Version Architect Theme Downloads Num Levels Num Rooms Difficulty/
Forum Links Date
...she'll carry a really big sword. DROD:TSS Sebastien 149th Critic fanfic! 268 6 56
Discuss   High Scores Oct 30, 2018
City of Queens DROD:AE Tim 11 Queen Puzzles 2265 1 12
Discuss   High Scores Nov 10, 2004
Beethro's First Job DROD:AE Patrick 10 Action-Packed levels, all based on a dungeon element/ 3672 10 133
Discuss   High Scores Apr 14, 2004
The Adventure Of John DROD:JtRH Resert On - 237 2 10
Discuss   High Scores Dec 22, 2017
Ghostsmiters DROD:TSS Bent "3D"-puzzles using scripted elements. 261 4 25
Discuss   High Scores Sep 8, 2016
Ghostsmiters: Prequel DROD:TSS Bent "3D"-puzzles using scripted elements. 179 3 12
Discuss   High Scores Jun 18, 2018
Hold DROD:TSS rj 251 1 16
Discuss   High Scores Dec 19, 2016
The Fool's Errand DROD:AE Ricky 3717 1 13
Discuss   High Scores Mar 11, 2004
A Quiet Place DROD:AE Ghogg 3870 11 97
Discuss   High Scores Oct 3, 2004
A Collection of Constant Room Templates DROD:AE Patrick 1851 2 33
Discuss   High Scores Oct 9, 2004
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Authors of holds reserve all rights to their work unless they specify otherwise. You must gain permission from hold authors before redistributing their work in original or modified form.
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