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The Tactical Room

Monsters in General

Favourite Monster (Vote and Debate)
Which is your favourite monster? Vote and see what other Smitemasters think!

The Deadliest Monster (Vote and Debate)
The Deadliest Mix of Monsters or Monsters and Objects (Vote and Debate)
Smitemasters vote on which monsters or combinations of monsters and elements were in their opinions the hardest to survive.

Specific Monster Discussions

Some other transcripts of debates on specific dungeon elements can be found here:

Monster Movement Clarification (Debate)
The behavioural patterns of several monsters are described and discussed here, along with some techniques for dealing with them.

Snake AI (Debate)
Often, Serpents (and their relatives, the Rattlesnakes) can be extremely difficult monsters to deal with as they have movement patterns that can lead to them moving in peculiar ways. This discussion attempts to explain how they move and how in general to deal with them.

Are Spiders "Cheap"? (Vote and Debate)
Spiders, the almost invisible bane of Exterminators without highly acute visual perception, are discussed here and their value as monsters questioned.

The Invariants of Tar Cutting (Debate)
This informative article by Martin Jacobsen explains the properties of tar–like substances and why it can or cannot be cut. A newer version of this original article, which includes a discussion of Mud, can be found here published on the site: On the (Ab)Use of Tarstuff.

Tar Spreading and Forming (Debate)
This article explains the dynamics of Tar growth, shaping and formation.

Dungeon Mechanics

Monster Order (Debate)
In One Turn, What Is the Order of Creature Moves? (Debate)
In these articles, considerable research has gone into working out exactly in what order monsters move during a single turn, in order to understand better how to survive in a dungeon and manipulate monsters to an Exterminator’s advantage. Please note that many people have been killed in order to bring you this specific information.