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Deadly Rooms of Death

Welcome to the Deadly Rooms of Death community website!

If this is your first experience with DROD, the World's Best Puzzle Game, you'll soon learn there's so much in store for you!

You'll probably want to take a look at the game. You can start playing by downloading free fully-functional demos (that include a full level editor) of any of the games in the DROD franchise, or buy full version registered copies here, and also on Steam.

You have come at a great time, since our newest venture into the tabletop gaming space, Twisty Little Passages, just funded on Kickstarter! Multiple stretch goals were unlocked and our unique game book of dungeon crawl puzzle adventures will be available for pre-order soon!

If you're too impatient to wait for a file to download to your PC, you can try out a Flash version of the game right in your web browser.

If you've come here because you're stuck or lost in one of the games, don't worry! There are Hints and Solutions available for most any DROD room out there.

If you're new to DROD, I'd recommend the Beginner's Guide to DROD. Maybe also check out the shorter, more philosophical "What is DROD?", or the Story of Beethro. Then read the DROD timeline to find out how Beethro, the game's protagonist, became famous and the order of events in the DROD franchise.

For the budding dungeon architect, an article from Building might be more suited to your taste. Those articles cover everything from the creation of a typical DROD room to an intensive guide to the new scripting system. Your dungeon looking a bit dull? Why not partake in some of our beautiful graphical modifications? Or, you might be interested in perusing the Monsters, which include histories, strategies, and more. Need more information, want your levels beta-tested or want to test someone else's work-in-progress? Head over to the Architecture Board on the Caravel Forum.

When you're done reading here, come see what the rest of the community is up to on the Caravel Forum. Share your own projects and join the fun!

Experienced smitemasters can enjoy the collection of over 400 top-quality, user-made Holds we have available for free download. See the People's Choice Award Winners for player favorites.

Learn more about Beethro's world, the Eighth, or Stories told directly from the Eighth.

No matter what level of a DROD fan you are, whether a green dungeon exterminator or a legendary smitemaster, there's something for you to enjoy here.

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