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A Timeline of Interest

1 B. D. - Benedat discovers the world is a pie--one eighth of a pie, to be exact. This realization prompts a modern age of Constructed Thought. Educated people begin calling their world "the Eighth" and acting really snooty at certain parties.

97 B. D. Twissuary Second. - Cartographers conference in Mellenfral, from which the Master Map of the Eighth was born.

??? B. D. - Gunthro and the Epic Blunder

142 B. D. - Beethro enters King Dugan's Dungeon for the first time. Three weeks later he resurfaces. King Dugan's Dungeon

The next day - Smitemasters' meeting where "seeding" is discussed.

143 B. D. - Beethro opens the Roasted Roach Grill after mulling over the idea during his stay at King Dugan's. It does okay, but is plenty hard work for Beethro.

144 B. D. - King Dugan's Dungeon End Sequence Beethro tells the story of his travels in King Dugan's Dungeon to his many nephews.

??? B. D. - Flood Warning and Complex Complex

147 B. D. - Novender Thirty-Sixth - Voniffa Budkin visits Beethro at his house the day before New Year's Eve. The seeding complaints come up again, this time directed at Beethro.

148 B. D. - Beethro meets Mobley on Onsuary First. Onsurary 8 - Halph and Beethro enter Dugan's Dungeon through side passage. Journey to the Rooted Hold

??? B. D. - Presumably later in 148 B. D., Beethro comes across the Perfectionist's Complex. Perfection

??? B. D. - Perhaps late 148 B. D., Beethro meets Denfry of Fulce and journey through Nethkept Emanent. Beethro's Teacher

??? B. D. - Could be 148 B. D., could also be 149 B. D., Beethro approaches Nethkept Armanent. Master Locks and Master Locks Expert

??? B. D. - Does it really matter? The important thing here is that Beethro finally reaches Rooted Hold. The City Beneath

??? B. D. - DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale

??? B. D. - Beethro heads back from Lowest Point towards the city while we wonder why he hasn't asked for the date yet. Devilishly Dangerous Dungeons of Doom

??? B.D. - Beethro takes a detour through Nethkept Salitent in order to find a different set of clothes. Suit Pursuit

??? B.D. - Beethro returns to the City Beneath in search of the Truth in The Truthlock Method

??? B.D. - Beethro seeks to save the Eighth from "The Grand Event" in The Second Sky

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