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When using the Editor and attempting to select a hold, the list that shows up is this gargantuan list of every single hold currently installed. The hold selection for "Change Location" has filters like "Caravelnet holds", "My Holds", etc. which would be really helpful for when I'm trying to find which of the thousands of holds available for selection in the editor mode are among the hundreds of holds I'm personally editing. At the very least it would be cool to filter out "gray holds" I can't edit and/or "red holds" that are marked as belonging to other people.

While we're asking for this kind of stuff, it would also be cool to be able to do something like type into a text box a few letters of a hold title and have the holds that match that show up. You know, a rudimentary 'search' function? If that were developed I'm sure it would help the change location screen too. (I'm aware there's a hotkey way to jump to things matching a particular 1st letter but once installed hold volume gets big enough it becomes increasingly clear it'd be nice to have a little more than that.)

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Feature Requests : Editor Hold Select : Filters, etc
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