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See attached hold.
Warning: This hold is very dangerous, try at your own risk!

Idea: Most of the time it's impossible to make a player stuck in a room and unable to turn back because R key always brings the player back to turn 0, and most things don't happen at turn 0: Sword stabs occur after turn 0 (except player sword stab), bridge drop happens after turn 0, aumtlich gazes don't appear until turn 1...

Well, there are ways to get around this, and some of them are incredibly dangerous. Here's a hold to list the ones that I've experimented with:

1S1W, 1N1W, 1N1E: All classic setups, I think they're pretty self-explanatory.

Entrance, 1W: So it turns out the double you place at turn 0 will always perform a stab, and this gives a way to enforce killing the player/a required target at turn 0. Again, once caught there's no way to escape. (Also moral of the story: you shouldn't take random stairs)

1N, 1S: New setups I just found: turns out double placement at turn 0 will cause dangling bridge drop and aumtlich to start gazing! Which means soft-lock traps can be made out of them.

1E: Incredibly dangerous! I'm not even sure how this got through: you can place stairs on an entrance, and specify its destination to be this entrance, which effectively create an infinite stair-progressing loop that can't even be aborted by escape key - only pressing the red X on the top right corner of the window will work. And then you just need to connect said stair at the room boundary, and let innocent players move onto this room.

1S1E: Incredibly dangerous! So, using minimal scripting you can make the player wait on a deadly tile from turn 0. This is incredibly dangerous in a different way: You can break out from this infinite loop by pressing R+escape together, but at the same time, the red X at the top right corner of the window doesn't work at all (presumably because cutscene blocks interrupts).

As a side note: 1W also demonstrates stair shadow rendering weirdness, and 1N1E shows simultaneous player killing display bug: if multiple sword-wielding targets all kill the player at the same turn, all but one of them disappear. The one that remains is not related to move other, but rather from top to bottom, column to column from left to right.

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Bugs : Various ways to permanently soft-lock a player in DROD
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