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Other Tales and Poetry of the Eighth


Tale of a Younger Beethro (By Bryan Cribbs)
This is a short story of an intrepid exterminator's demise with the Living Tar, found inscribed on a large stone tablet near a grave.

The Adventures of Beethro (Part 1) (By Various Authors)
The Adventures of Beethro (Part 2) (By Various Authors)
Also known as "Construct the Story" and "Reconstruct the Story”, this long and rather strange tale was found written on several massive slices of rock, found in a remote mountain pass in the Unwanted Mountains. Unfortunately, a large chunk of the rock has been either broken or lost, so we do not know the ending of this particular tale.

Poetry and Songs

The DROD Haiku Contest (Contest)
In a small chamber in the ruins of an ancient city, some old scrolls were found containing enigmatic pieces of Haiku from what was apparently a Haiku-writing contest.

A Song In Spanish (By fatass)
From a region of East Tueno, a song was found on a scroll written in a foreign language apparently called "Spanish". It is about a Dungeon Roach being harassed by a dungeon exterminator, and numerous arguments about its accuracy and how to translate it were also found written beneath it.

A DROD Song (By squeekie)
A song about DROD was heard in a small, remote town somewhere in northern Ephelna, and its lyrics were written down. The actual style of the song, however, is as yet unknown.

A DROD Joke (By lucretia)
A small but interesting joke involving dungeon monsters was found written on a small stone tablet in a remote cave system.

Songs of the Eighth (Contest)
A contest held recently in Dugandy encouraged people to participate in a song-writing contest to write the "smitingest" music for the Eighth. The lyrics of the songs and even some recordings of the authors singing them can be found here.

Song Lyrics Describing DROD (By Various Authors)
Several songs were nominated for having lyrics that were very descriptive of the Eighth and some of the monsters that live on it. They were collated into a single collection, which you can find here.