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King Dugan the Third

King Dugan the Third, the currently reigning King of Dugandy, is the son of Dugan the Second, who was son to Groshone the Second, who was the son of Dugan the First. (It is believed that there may have been previous generations before, but previous records cannot be found). His family and descendants have been in power for over five hundred years, when they promptly invaded the government in power and destroyed all records of previous governments, much to the dismay of historians.

King Dugan the Third is a very unlikeable character in general. He has a very poor appearance, and has very little power in his kingdom as it has been removed by his advisors and his Parliament to prevent over abuse. This leaves him to create his own source of income, namely fundraisers. The royal family will send out invitations to residents, and will expect them to pay a fee to attend. This has greatly infuriated the citizens of Dugandy, and have led to many attempts to remove him from power.

Rumours about Dugan can be heard for miles. One of the most common rumors include the fact that the current line has been bred to be fully dependant on outside assistance in order to fully function. They have been said to achieve this by trapping the most cunning members of the line and removing them before they are able to overpower the current leader. This is believed to have been the case with Dugan the First's son, who mysteriously disappeared at a young age. He was rumored to have been found in the castle dungeon over a century later, but it is believed to be an old wive's tale.