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Ephelnans probably make too big a deal about their continent being the biggest. They like to call it "the Main Continent", "the Greatest Continent", or after eleven cups of Leaf Juice, "the plentybest place to be--so says we!" In truth, if you condensed all the livable areas of the continent together, the resulting land would be about the size of Skelly or Remus--nothing to brag about. During Onsuary Floods, the flat vastness of Ephelna is transformed into a collection of islands where the points of a dozen or so mountains poke through the water.

Ephelna is considered the birthplace of Constructed Thought, a movement which basically advocates that you think about things before doing them. The philosophy of Constructed Thought has been interpreted in support of widely varying ends, including: empowerment of legislatures, dissolution of magics, printing of books, burning of books, lancing of fluid-filled warts, and most notably, the creation of this here map, devised in Mellenfral under the enlightened leadership of Professor Drictum, head of the Cartography department at Mellenfral College, who also happens to be quite a good-looking fellow with charming taste in attire.


Blorn is a trading town, which basically makes its money by having a large market where nearby farmers (and fishermen, during flood season) bring their wares, and traders from larger towns and cities come and buy in bulk. The mayor of Blorn is a very crafty merchant and economist, but has a tendency to cut costs whereever possible, which occasionally has bad results.


A walled city located on a peninsula off the northern coast of Ephelna (see above map). Famous for inhabitants who concern themselves with art, science, and the pursuit of knowledge. A popular insult for someone who isn't paying close enough attention to practical matters: "He's living in Mellenfral." A certain amount of resentment is present across Ephelna, due to the fact that Mellenfral is constantly being taken over by invaders because they fail to defend themselves sufficiently. Whenever this occurs, neighboring cities must send forces to reclaim Mellenfral, and that's more than a little inconvenient.