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Author Name:DyingFlutchman
Submitted By:Dying Flutchman
Hold Name:Gentryiification
Theme:All you wanted to know but never dared to ask about gentryii
Author's Difficulty:
Number of Levels:2
Number of Rooms:38
Number of Monsters:616
Version:DROD: The Second Sky (5.0.2)
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File: Gentryiification_final.hold (150.4 KB)
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License: Other
From: Unspecified
icon Gentryiification  
Gentryii. Either you hate them, or you hate them.

That seems a bit unfair actually. They can be used in many interesting way to build nice puzzles. This hold gives a full introduction into gentryii workings. DROD veterans may perhaps learn a trick or two. DROD newbies may learn a trick or dozen.

A complete quide to "chain manipulation magic" is also included, but don't be afraid! No actual hocus-pocus-random-chain-behaviour puzzles have been included.

Hope you'll all give it a try. Especially those folks that tend to hate gentryii...
10-25-2018 at 05:52 PM
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icon Re: Gentryiification (+1)  
Well, I'll admit that the first line of the above post definitely applies to me. Playing through this hold I still pretty much feel the same way. That being said, this hold does a really good job laying out the details of how gentryii work. In many ways, the first two-thirds of the hold feel like a long lost Advanced Concepts level. The explanations are thorough and come with diagrams and examples to show off exactly what's going on with pretty much every aspect of gentryii behavior. I definitely can see myself returning to this hold in order to reference some of this. Especially as this hold gets pretty deep into the weeds of things like chain manipulation. I really appreciate the effort that went into illustrating all 36 cases of how a 2 tile chain can straighten in 2S1E. And while there's no way I'm gonna internalize any of that, it's nice to know I can always load up the room if I need a refresher.

So the first two-thirds or so of this hold is definitely worth checking out if you find yourself struggling to figure out a gentryii room in another hold. On the other hand, the last third or so is really only intended for gentryii enthusiasts or completionists. That's not just me saying that either, the architect actually put a warning scroll in for at least one room, and I concur that these rooms are not for the week-of-heart. I didn't really have a great time in these last few rooms, but I imagine that folks who are into fillding around with chain straightening will probably like them just fine. Still, the good definitely outweighs the not-so-good here, and I'm glad to have the first chunk of this hold as a reference to refer back to. So thanks for making this Dying Flutchman!

Also, don't think I didn't see that crazy cool demo of 2N1W where you managed to get the gentryii stuck on a hot tile NoahT. You can't hide that kind of awesome.

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11-20-2018 at 04:24 PM
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