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Romain673 wrote: And i would like some advice of how i use the script for the challenge. I seem to use many things who aren't usefull (like a label end, the command 'end', the 'wait 9999 turns' who can be better i guess, etc). The script "Challenge T-1N1W" is the most easy to understand.
Going to a label "end" at the end of the script is good, don't worry about that. It means the script won't execute any further commands on this visit to the room, but will still be active if the player leaves the room and comes back. This allows challenge scripts to work properly in rooms like Queens : Entrance that have seeding beacons.

"Wait 9999" is completely unnecessary; just take that out.

And I agree with Chaco, there's no reason for any of these to be in default scripts. Fortunately, it's easy to fix this: select the whole script, ctrl-B to copy it, ctrl-shift-B to paste it into the normal script window (the large one that appears when you first click on a character).

* * *

This hold has gotten a bit of attention in chat lately because the HAs are still looking at it, so I thought I should have a look for things to improve before I lose my chance. I notice a couple of things that concern me.

First, there's a scroll in Lobby thanking me for helping with the level. I don't remember giving you any help with this level.

Some rooms completely lack checkpoints, which was pointed out by Chaco in June and still hasn't been addressed.

The checkpoints that exist are not well placed. I've been making attempts at Queens : Entrance, and it's a very frustrating experience because it's so hard to reach any of the checkpoints. For example, after closing all the doors, it seems plausible to attempt the orange hexagonal floor area next, but there are no checkpoints in this area. Glancing over the rest of the level, it looks like other rooms have similar problems.

Golems 1S: as far I can see, the challenge is scripted correctly. The problem is that the player has no way to find out what the challenge actually is -- you have to step on a completely unmarked tile to activate the scripting. (Also, the character is called "Bernard", but I've always thought of Citizen 3 as a feminine character. Not sure if others agree on that.)

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : Swarm of monsters
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