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icon More DROD Soundtracks Released on Steam (+3)  
As we enter the holiday season, we have exciting news to share on multiple product releases, updates, and sales promotions.

Travelogue Soundtrack Releases

Travelogue's soundtracks for DROD: The City Beneath, Gunthro and the Epic Blunder, and The Second Sky are all available starting today on Steam!

I've been listening to these a lot. I think everyone will have their own favorite tracks, but I'll share just a couple that have grabbed me.

The Second Sky's soundtrack includes "Elizabeth", a hauntingly beautiful track that didn't make it into the game.

And just listening to "Ambient No. 2" in The City Beneath's soundtrack, which is played right at the end of the game, brings me such a feeling of nostalgia. There's much more to this track than what's featured in the game.

You can grab them at a nice discount this first week that they're up for sale.

Travelogue's The City Beneath Soundtrack

Travelogue's Gunthro and the Epic Blunder Soundtrack

Travelogue's The Second Sky Soundtrack

Steam: Smitemaster's Selection DLC CaravelNet Fixes

For our next news topic, we've released fixes to Smitemaster's Selection DLC on Steam that weren't working properly with CaravelNet.

The following holds have been updated to the latest version and now work properly with CaravelNet on Steam.

* The Choice
* Beethro's Teacher
* Complex Complex

Development continues

Development on DROD and RPG fixes and improvements is actively ongoing. Great progress has been made to smite many bugs and provide multiple quality-of-life improvements to your gaming experience. You can track and try out these changes here:

DROD 5.1.1/5.2 development

DROD RPG 1.2.8/1.3 development

Stay tuned for release candidate builds, coming soon!

Holiday sales goodness

Be on the lookout this weekend and later on this holiday season for solid discounts on DROD games on portals like Steam and GOG.

If you haven't picked up some of the games yet, or are looking for a digital gaming gift to share with someone, this will be a good time to do so.

Happy holidays,

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icon Re: More DROD Soundtracks Released on Steam (+2)  
I already got the 3 Travelogue albums via the composer's bandcamp, but will this stop me from getting these via Steam the moment I'm able to?

Also FINALLY THANK YOU FOR FIXING THE SMS!! I know what I'm doing on my winter break once college is done!

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12-04-2020 at 04:05 AM
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Caravel Forum : Caravel Boards : The Illumination : More DROD Soundtracks Released on Steam (Our news for November)
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