This board and all its features would not be possible without the people who started it.

Original tForum Development Team: Toan 'typus' Huynh and Rion

List of enhancements:
-Avatar Hack v1.02 by yunlai
-Insta UBB v1.04 by Deathwalker
-Poll Hack v1.02 by Deathwalker
-Private Messaging v1.1.0 by c.h.o.s.e.n., Deathwalker
-Database Backup v1.1.2 by Deathwalker
-Speed Hack #1 v2.0.0 (grabmods) by Deathwalker
-Speed Hack #2 (posticons) by derrickh
-Date/Time Speed Hack by LoD, Deathwalker
-Insta-Smilies by LoD/Deathwalker
-View Last X Days v1.0.5 by LoD
-Board/Topic Page Title by LoD
-Optional Signature In Post by LoD
-Flood Control/Max Edit Time v1.0.2 by LoD
-Stick to Top by LoD
-View Emoticons/Posticons in Admin Panel by LoD
-Admin Panel Upgrade by Deathwalker
-Improved Create Database Script by Keiichi
-Improved Listmembers v1.0.1 by Rion, Keiichi, Deathwalker, LoD
-Statistics Page by Keiichi
-Print Thread Option v1.0.3 by Technics
-Merge Topic Addon v1.0.6 by LoD
-Surf To Forum Drop Down Box v2.0.0 by Deathwalker
-Unlimited Previews v1.0.1 by Mojoe
-PM gif ehanced addon v2.0.0 by Startide
-index.php Optimization speedhack by R.R.
-Color Picker Javascript by Matt Kruse, modified for tForum by Deathwalker
-Edit Reason Mod by MoJoe

(Unless otherwise stated, all hacks are v. 1.0.0)

Special thanks to Savatage who helped test this out on a php3 system. Thanks also goes out to bosjvd for pointing out a few omissions I had made and fixing the user post count, and several other things.

Thanks to all the regulars at for their contributions and feedback. Keep them coming, and I'll try to keep up. :)

Have fun with tForum!

The tForumHacks team (Dan 'Deathwalker' Guerrero, Miko³aj 'LoD' Koziarkiewicz and Tobias 'Keiichi' Mühlbeuer).

DISCLAIMER: This package has been created and is distributed with explicit permission from typus (Toan Huynh).

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