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Username: Camwoodstock
Real Name: Cameron
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Country: United States
Registered: 07-02-2014
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Signature: Camwoodstock - The Epic Blunder, Dugan's Best Janitor, Rooted Hold Runner, Lowest Point Watcher, and 132nd Skywatcher
Mastered all of GatEB, KDD 2.0, JtRH, and TCB! | Saw The Second Sky! (lots of secrets left!)

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Miscellaneous Info: A DROD player who aspires to be one of the best DROD players ever, own every Steam achievement for DROD games, and get the best Steam badge for the Gunthro. Not the brightest.

Became the 132nd Skywatcher on January 8th, 2018.

All my "other places I'm at" stuff can be found in my signature.

PM me "cam sux pinappels lel" if you actually read this!

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