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Author Name:mauvebutterfly
Submitted By:mauvebutterfly
Hold Name:Blind Race #4: Hit the Four Running
Theme:Blind Race
Author's Difficulty:
Number of Levels:6
Number of Rooms:42
Number of Monsters:145
Version:DROD: The Second Sky (5.0.2)
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Level: Legendary Smitemaster
Rank Points: 8
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File: Blind Race 4 Hit the Four Running.hold (49.4 KB)
Downloaded 286 times.
License: Other
From: Unspecified
icon Blind Race #4: Hit the Four Running  
This is the hold for the 4th Blind Race event. The entire hold should be playable from start to finish in a single sitting. Can you complete it in under an hour?

Note that this version of the hold has the jokers removed for high-score purposes, so if comparing your time to the racer times you can skip two rooms.

Contest thread:
09-05-2017 at 07:03 PM
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Level: Smitemaster
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icon Re: Blind Race #4: Hit the Four Running (+1)  
Like the previous blind race holds, this hold gives you a nice bite sized serving from several different architects. The levels here are all very distinct, but each one has a high level of polish and is fairly approachable. These were designed to be completed in a race setting, so nothing here is brain-meltingly difficult, but you'll still see some nice linchpin puzzles that get your brain working a bit.

Friendly Faces is a classic Bomber50 style level that focuses on smallish rooms with cool linchpins based on interesting DROD mechanics. If you're not familiar with some of the mechanics involved, some of these can look impossible at first. But nothing is super obscure and most of these rooms yield to some good logical thinking. If you're a fan of Bomber's other work you'll definitely appreciate this.

Gone in 60 Turns is one of Xindaris's most polished and restrained creations to date. The focus of this level is efficiency, and each of the rooms features a timer. As someone who usually doesn't care for timer rooms, I found all of these to be enjoyable and nothing felt overly constraining. Instead of putting severe pressure on the player, the timers served more to put pressure on the architect to keep the rooms focused and concise. The result is a really enjoyable romp.

Mega Micropuzzle$ was created by ThemsAllTook (of LP and Outings with a Delver fame.) This one focuses on rooms with very tight spaces and is a bit more execution heavy. Again, given the blind race setting, most of the execution isn't overly arduous, and it's interesting to see ThemsAllTook take on some more execution based puzzles after the very linchpin focused Outings.

Claustrophobia is by mauvebutterfly, who also did an outstanding job managing the contest. This is the first architecture by mauve to be published (though you may have played some of his superb contest entries earlier this year), but this level is super solid. It has a very neat theme of movement restriction and is definitely worth checking out. The level has a very nice mix of linchpin and execution based puzzles and leaves me excited to see more from this architect in the future!

So this is definitely a nice hold to check out. It has a bit of something for everyone, though I'd argue that all four levels are a lot of fun. Nothing is super difficult and the levels are all pretty much open format allowing you to poke around to find rooms that you enjoy.

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09-23-2017 at 05:12 PM
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