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Webfoot Music Files.

Those DRODers who have played since the dawn of time (Well, DROD time anyways) will fondly remember the days of Webfoot DROD with it's Synth Pop music. Some will complain about how that music was so much better than what's avaliable now, while others many not even know what I'm talking about. Well, either way, you should take a look at downloading these files and having a listen to memories of days gone by.

Webfoot OGG Files

At a hefty 67.5MB, this is not a download for the faint of heart. But for the price of time that you spend downloading the songs, you get eleven high-quality OGG files that sound crystal clear. Best of all, they can easily fit in to DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold for the die-hard old schoolers.

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Webfoot MIDI Files

For all those dial-uppers out there, we offer an alternative to the four hour download that the previous file would turn into. These files were made back in the days of DROD AE, and are designed to drop directly into that game. These files will not work in the 2.0 engine, to many people's dismay.

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[All of this music was created by Lars Kristian Aasbrenn. This website has specific permission to distribute these files. Please, don't release these files to other sources.]