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Clarbag, Land of the Kingless. From Glorthorred and Ephelna fled those desperate to escape the tyranny of monarchs. After a few damp months in the Low Forest, most refugees decided in retrospect that king's rule wasn't so bad and headed back. Clarbag's lack of mountains makes it nearly impossible to survive the Onsuary Floods, and to this end, most residents have constructed homes in high trees. Both Glorthorred and Ephelna periodically send invasion forces to occupy Clarbag. Towns are effortlessly captured, since the Clarbagi put up no resistance at all. But few rulers have will enough to hold the muddy, worthless land for long. Those that do often find themselves victims of the Kingtaker, a fabled assassin who seems magically to know which exact man gave the order to attack Clarbag.

The Tomb of Nomb

The Tomb of Nomb is a long-neglected tomb of an ancient kingdom which no longer exists The people of Northern Clarbag have many legends about Nomb, but unfortunately, few of these legends agree with each other. Was Nomb an evil tyrant who ruled with an iron fist? Was he a benevolent and wise sorcorer that led a utopian society long eroded? Was he the advisor of an ancient king, whose craftiness ensured that his memory will survive his long-forgotten master? Was he the last true king of Clarbag, whose dying wish that no king shall ever have his land caused his ghost to become the Kingtaker? Was she perhaps a woman, who disguised herself as a man to fight in wars long past and ended up being the most succesful general in Clarbag history? Or maybe even, as some whisper, Nomb never really existed, but the tomb instead was a clever forgery, the secret meeting place of a clandestine society who from its dusty halls manipulated the politics of the Eighth to suit their whims. Who knows?

Maybe if one day the tomb will be found, these questions could be answered. For now, every archeology student on the Eighth secretly hopes to be the one that will discover this legendary place, even though the more forward, modern thinking scholars tend to scoff at the whole idea and dismiss the tomb as a folklorish invention. All everyone knows for sure is that deep in the libraries of Mellenfral there are ancient, crumbling scrolls that promise great riches to whoever finds it. Of course, the part that contained the directions has long turned to dust, and thanks to some oily fingerprints by some inept scholar of yesteryear, the text is quite smudged. Why, some even think that what it really promises is that whoever will find the tomb will get great roaches...