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Webfoot Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from the first version of DROD, published in 1997 by Webfoot Technologies. Oldtimers often refer to this version as "Webfoot DROD".

All Eyes On You

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If you were Beethro in this picture, you'd have to carefully walk through the nest of Evil Eyes (they attack when you step into their line of sight), open a bunch of doors, clear out a roach infestation in the south chamber, and probably perform one or two other tasks to complete the room.
Tar Custodian

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The job here is carving a path through a tricky blue substance known as "The Living Tar". There is one tar mother gazing out from the northeast corner of this room. As long as she's alive, all the tar in the room will slowly grow outwards like something from a bad 70's horror movie. Fortunately, Beethro can knife his way through the gunk, but this tends to cause the formation of tar babies. Spare the blade, and spoil the chance of getting Beethro outta here!
Goblin Quartet

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First Beethro must outwit the green goblins--difficult, because the goblins avoid Beethro's sword and lunge for any side of him left unprotected. It will take some time for Beethro to corner all four goblins, and meanwhile the queens in the eastern chamber will have been busy spawning roaches. When exhausted Beethro finally stumbles over there, roaches will be piled up thirteen layers thick. Poor guy.