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DROD Wallpapers (By Clayton Weiss)

Clayton Weiss (ClaytonW) has created a set of cool wallpapers for use on your desktop (1024*768 resolution). Click on the links to download them.

  1. "The Last Thing an Evil Eye Sees" (A bloodshot evil eye stares at Beethro hungrily).

  2. "The Eighth, Version 1" (The Eighth, as conceived by Clayton for the Master Map of The Eighth Contest).

  3. "The Eighth, Version 2" (Clayton made a new 3-D artist's impression of the Eighth, based on the official Master Map of The Eighth).

  4. "The Living Tar" (This is the image on the Limited Edition Tar T-shirts distributed a while ago).

  5. "The Awakened Mud" (This is like the "The Living Tar" picture, but for Mud).

  6. "Sword in the Sunset" (This appears in DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold).

    Please Note: This picture (Picture 6) appears in DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold. Permission is granted by Caravel Games to post it on the CaravelNet forum and make copies of it for personal use. Do not redistribute.

You can find these and comments related to them here.