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Tourist of the Eighth (August 2004 Contest)

A lot of the Eighth has been left unexplored to this point. In the game itself, we only cover the underground part, and we only refer to Dugandy, hme of King Dugan and Beethro. Other than that, all we can work upon is vague ideas and our imagination, and that isn't very fun, is it? People needs facts, pictures, and opinions about places to get interested in them, and what better way than to create a tour guide showing off all of the attractions of a specific city or place?

While the turnout for this contest was a bit low, all of the entries were very high quality, and I'm not saying that just because one of them was mine. These entries take a detailed look at Fulce, located on an outer peninsula of Ephelna, Daskeros, found on the mighty continent of Glorthorred, and Oyst, a rather large and isolated island.