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Sculpture Gallery (By William Frank)

Recently, a renowned sculptor, William Frank (vylycyn), revealed his latest masterpieces to the Ephelnan Museum of Fine Artistic Operations. The collection of exquisitely detailed statues are of various monsters and the Legendary Smitemaster, Beethro Budkin. Although entry is restricted for only those with membership, we were nevertheless able to obtain pictures, which are shown below:

Exhibit 1: Beethro's Head

This is a tribute to the Dungeon Exterminator's work as "one of the greatest Smitemasters that has ever lived". Although not quite finished yet, it has received great praise from its visitors and many art critics, who have hailed it as "impressive".

Exhibit 2: Beethro and his Sword

Here, Beethro is protrayed holding his Really Big Sword™ in a dramatic, lunging pose.

Exhibit 3: Beethro's Hand

Beethro's hand here is shown in a clenching motion, "almost grasping the people walking past it", according to one visitor.

Exhibit 4: A Dungeon Roach.

This is a life-like (and rather frightening) statue of a roach, complete with teeth, eyes, and long antennae.

Exhibit 5: The Really Big Sword™

The next exhibit was made by Brad Wall (Bradwall), another sculptor, and is of Beethro's Really Big Sword™, stuck dramatically inside a mound of rock.

Exhibit 6: Tar Baby

In continuation of the monster theme, William's next creation is a highly smoothed sculpture of a tar baby. Visitors have noted the attention to detail of the viscous nature of the tar, including in the mouth, and some have even suggested that it looks realistic enough even to start to flow and come alive.

Exhibit 7: Tar/Mud Rivalry

The rivalry between tar and mud is made apparent in this sculpture of a mud and tar baby, both facing each other as if to fight.

Exhibit 8: Surrounded by Roaches

This enormous model of Beethro in a battle situation was so large that it required a whole gallery to itself. It shows Beethro attacked by a horde of roaches seemingly inescapable, although many believe that even this would present no obstacle to the real Beethro.

Exhibit 9: Beethro and the Roach

Beethro is portrayed here facing a roach aggressively. Critics argue that this is not possible, since the roach is far to close for it not to have bitten Beethro already, but others say that Beethro may in fact be tempting the roach to come closer, so he can swing his sword at it.

You can find out in more detail what the critics and visitors are saying about these sculptures here.

You can also see some of his other cool artwork on his deviantART Page, which is well worth visiting.