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Two More DROD Riddles (by Jacob)

I have made 2 interesting rooms in DROD 3.x.
They both appear paradoxical.

1) Playing the first results in Beethro and a closed green door being the only elements in the room (and some surrounding tiles/walls).

There are no other elements or monsters in the room whatsoever. There is no scripting. And no, it's not a closed sister green door. It is a real green door, that started as one and remained closed throughout.

Can you make this room? Can you make it so that the player can open the green door if he/she makes the right moves?

2) In the second, Beethro steps on a normal tile. On each immediate diagonal tile sits an eye looking directly at that tile (which is therefore woken on this move) - i.e. the adjacent NE tile has an eye looking SW etc.

There are no arrows/speed potions/orthsquares/other limitations on eye movement/scripting. Both he and all four eyes survive this move (and Beethro manages to go on to complete the room). Can you replicate this?