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What Would JtRH Look Like? (November 2004 "Trompe le Monde")

Fanatics waiting for the release of Journey to Rooted Hold were presented with an interesting proposition: With all of the information that had been released publically about the game, what do you think the game looks like? Arming them with a paint program and various different options, people were told to make as realistic of a picture of DROD as they could to try to fool other forum members. Better yet, some of the entries added might even be from the game itself!

Seven people ended up giving us nine different entries, although one of them gave us a strong feeling of "Doom" about the game. Most of them were highly realistic, but none of the entries submitted actually turned out to be from the game, although Slug's entry managed to create a bit of controversy and worry. Doom grabbed up first place, Slug motored his way to second place, and Gamer picked up third place. Most entried still managed to pick up some points for fooling people to believe that it was the real game in a seperate poll, so most everyone walked away with a prize.

The entries are shown below:

  • First Entry - Rabscuttle

  • Second Entry - Gamer Extreme 101

  • Third Entry - Rabscuttle

  • Fourth Entry - Wackhead UK

  • Fifth Entry - Wackhead UK

  • Sixth Entry - Doom

  • Seventh Entry - Nillo

  • Eighth Entry - Fafnir

  • Ninth Entry - Slug