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Deadly Rooms of Death FAQ.

Why am I here?

Well, my guess is that you turned your computer on in anticipation of surfing the net, which brought you here.

Oh, why are you at the site. I get it now.

This is the community website for Deadly Rooms of Death. This website is here to give you a link to downloading the game, additional graphics for it, and to learn more about the story and facts behind it. In other words, it's your portal to the DROD world and everything even remotely related to it. Everything.

If this is a game, then why aren't I downloading it now?

Well, either puzzle games don't appeal to you, or you have yet to find out where the files are found. Head over to the games download page and find the copy that is suited for your system.

Hey! Isn't there another game called DROD? Why yes! They even had their own website!

Odds are, you went to a website called This was our former home, which has been updated to take on a feel of the latest game in the series. That, and this site has much more content than the old one. Much more.

What's with all these people blabbering about some game called Gunthro and the Epic Blunder or The Next Big Project?

These are one and the same. DROD: GatEB is the latest DROD title that was released on April 1, 2012. It's an entirely new game with upgraded game engine and includes a brand-new official hold with completely new rooms, storyline, game elements, new music, and more room styles and level editor options. You can read more about it and buy the game here.

I just bought KDD, JTRH, or TCB! Are these compatible with GatEB?

Great! Yes, they are. These are separate releases with completely distinct levels that chronicle Beethro's journey into the great Beneath. You can play these games stand-alone or by downloading them into the DROD:GatEB version 4.0 game engine.

You may also play level sets designed for play in the JtRH/TCB game engines in GatEB. Smitemaster's Selections expansion packs are also available, and you can always play any of these in the latest released version of the DROD game engine. Best of all, by buying these you've supported the Caravel team, which will help ensure that you get more DROD games in the future.

How do I play my previous DROD games in GatEB?

It's pretty simple. First, export your player profile from any other currently installed DROD game on your system. Second, start GatEB and login to CaravelNet, then go to the Change Location screen, and click Download on the holds you already have registered to your forum account. Third, import your player profile, and all your progress on the holds you have imported will also be loaded into this game installation.

What's the difference between King Dugan's Dungeon and King Dugan's Dungeon 2.0? Is there a special version that's needed to play the game in JtRH/TCB/GatEB?

King Dugan's Dungeon 2.0 is a remade version of the King Dugan's Dungeon levelset featured in the original Caravel DROD and DROD:Architect's Edition. KDD 2 has been updated to use some of the 2.0 game engine's best features, such as scripting, speech, and many new secret rooms. In order to get it, you may either purchase DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon or order it as a Smitemaster's Selection issue.

If you are low on funds, the original classic KDD hold is both free and importable into the latest game engine. Get it here to try it out. Just remember that there is no speech, upgraded aesthetics or added secret room content in this version, and scores tracked for it on CaravelNet are not the same as for KDD 2.

I'm having issues with the CaravelNet online system. Who can I complain to?

Well, we'd prefer you not to jump to complaints right away, which is why we are kind enough to provide you with a sparkling fresh CaravelNet FAQ. In there, your question will most undoubtedly be answered, but will provide addresses for asking help if it didn't.

Why can't I find Webfoot DROD on your website?

Because we don't own it. That game is still owned by Webfoot, which is why Erik Hermansen set out to make Caravel DROD (game version 1.5) in 2001. However, you can download the music for the game here, and that was the main difference between that version and newer ones.

I'm a huge DROD fan, and I want to spread the word everywhere! Where can I get DROD merchandise?

Funny you should ask: Erik created the DROD Store for just such a purpose.

Also, spread the word about DROD on all the social sites you frequent! The people have a right to know!