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DROD Developer Interviews

Part One: Larry Murk and Graham Blatz

In part one of the series, we take with level designer Larry Murk, along with Graham Blatz about their experiences with it, why Larry hates Seeding Beacons, and why Graham suspects people in the Eighth could see the Pit Thing as a God.

DROD Developer Series Part One: LarryMurk and Pearls

Part Two: Mike Rimer

In part two, I have a chat with Mike on his long history with the Caravel team, how his background affects his game design and the development process, and why flaming oil never made it into the game.

DROD Developer Series Part Two: Mike Rimer

Part Three: Erik Hermansen

I sit down and talk to the creator of DROD, Erik Hermansen, about his role in The Second Sky compared to previous games, how the Story of Beethro got formed , and why hoard rooms can be fun sometimes.

DROD Developer Series Part Three: Erik Hermansen

Part Four: Maurycy Zarzycki

In this episode, I talk to skell from the forums on his creation of Flash DROD, an interesting cut feature of TSS, and why the size of the room matters.

DROD Developer Interviews Part Four: Maurycy Zarzycki