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Journey to Rooted Hold Demo Screens.

Since I'm sure most of you either bought the full version of Journey to Rooted Hold or learned to just escape through the nag screens, many of you missed the four pieces of cartoon gold. Still, even though the release was many moons ago and we've all moved on to the next version of DROD, there's no longer any excuse to miss out on these!

Make Your Life DRODtastic!

This was Danforth's introduction to the DROD audience. For more information on Danforth Strout, be sure to check out his biography.

A Very Bad Business Deal

Poor Danforth. Trying his best to maximize Caravel's profits, but Mike just won't let DRODers pay for second best. Maybe someday Danforth will get his way...

The Statistics Don't Lie

Consider this: All of these statistics were from 2005. Two years later, although I don't have exact statistics, I would guess that all of those numbers have, at the very least, tripled.

The Evolution of DROD
While the family tree should be extended well past the 2007 mark, I think that the community has definitely sent the right message.