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Back in December of 2020 or so (at least, according to the "when was this level built text"), I came up with, scripted and even graphicked an entire element: The Carnivorous Mushroom!

The basic idea is that it's an "un-Flower". So a lot of what Flowers do, it does the opposite. Flowers are orthogonal-only, so fungi are diagonal-only. Flowers will eat each other, so mushrooms won't--they're all just parts of the same organism, after all. Flowers care if there's a brain in the room, so fungi don't; instead they only get "tired" if they moved. Speaking of which: Flowers always move when they eat, so fungi can eat even if they can't move. Flowers can crawl onto walls and past force arrows...well, you get the idea.

However, that isn't all there is to mushrooms. They can also make more of themselves by emitting flying spores out in orthogonal directions! But this takes a lot of energy, so they can only do it after eating 5 things.

Anyway, this has sat unreleased amidst my stuff for quite a while just because I never finished the hold using this element. I think I have a few good puzzles in here with it, but I guess I was never satisfied that there were enough to fully publish this thing. But I think it's a really cool element, and want to make it available for other people to make puzzles with anyway!

Feel free to play through the first level, and the few rooms that exist in the second, to get a feel for how the element works. And let me know if you've got any feedback. Maybe I'll actually make more rooms, or add a little polish and publish this or something. Regardless, you have my permission to use this element outright if it speaks to you (in terms of inspiring cool puzzle ideas).

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Caravel Forum : DROD Boards : Architecture : Carnivorous Mushrooms (A finished custom in an unfinished level)
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