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Hey, here's my hookshot code that I wrote for the Custom Element Revival contest. I ended up doing it mostly from scratch as I didn't have access to Dischorran's script at the time.

It's also more complicated than necessary, as it covers two different types:
* one-turn-delay, ignore force arrow
* no-delay, obey force arrow
There's also some convoluted nonsense to check for golem/construct rubble.

I also made an excel sheet for generating the bits of the code that work out how it interacts with different tiles and monsters. So if you want to make one that behaves differently, you can do that as follows:

* open spreadsheet
* in columns D, set what you want to happen
* Block: hookshot is blocked, no further tiles are checked
* Stab: hookshot stabs the tile
* Pull: hookshot pulls the creature to Beethro
* Anchor: hookshot pulls Beethro to the creature
* <leave blank>: ignore that tile, check the next tile
* the output is in columns G, J, M, P. copy the code lines into a text document and search and replace "newline" with a newline character.[1]
* find the comments in the code that say
Set var ".Comment" : Blocking Creatures
and replace the section after that with the relevant code lines.

Complications (I could improve this perhaps)
* If a creature has two actions, you'll need to do that manually. e.g. Adders, Rattlers, Golems and Constructs need both anchor and stabs so they need to be manually added in.
* Pullable creatures need to be sorted by their safe ground, so if you pull them onto water or pits they'll fall or not fall appropriately.

DROD script:
Click here to view the secret text

[1] I think it wasn't possible to do this directly because when you cut and paste multiline cells out of excel it always sticks quotes around it.
06-23-2023 at 02:57 AM
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